The Future of Electric Cars: EU Conquers Car Market

Today, it is already possible to change a typical gasoline engine to an ecological one, which would be much cheaper to maintain. By 2025, the market will completely switch to such cars.

Is Future in EU for “Green” Cars?

Tesla production did not scare the EU market. Despite the small demand, Elon Musk pursues the company’s marketing strategy. Sales growth has declined. However, in Europe, engineering is developing:

  • In the United Kingdom, among the total number of BEV`s analogue consists 5%. To increase the number of “green” automobiles, the government gives the British a grant to buy an electric machine at 35% lower than full price. In addition, they are free of exempts from property tax.
  • In France, such vehicles occupy 1.2% of the total market.

Both countries should forbid all engines types besides “green” ones by 2040. Changes were made and other countries:

  1. India plans to forbid the sale of gasoline and diesel automobiles by 2030.
  2. Netherlands change on BEV`s by 2025.
  3. Germany proposes to legalize the ban at the union level from 2030th.

In Norway, every third machine in the country is electric. Ecological ones here are not subject to 25% VAT and impost the owner of an ecologic “motors” pays a reduced toll. Up to 2025, Norway maximally increases the limitation of CO2 emissions by cars to 0%, thereby banning cars with ICE.

Many companies support this idea:

  • Volvo announced that by 2019 all new automobiles would have a battery and electric motor.
  • Mercedes, Audi and Volkswagen are also lagging behind in the BEV`s production “race”.

Manufacturing plants also reached a new level.

Electric Auto Manufacturing in EU

Auto with hybrid power (HEV), ICE and plug-in hybrids (PHEV) are more expensive than electric ones (BEV). Today, the batteries` cost is significantly reduced, and their quality has significantly improved: since 2010, the cost of kilowatt-hours has dropped from $ 1,000 to $ 130–200.

Without taking into account government subsidies, auto cost with internal combustion engines in all regions is still lower than ecologic vehicles. However, by May 2019, sales growth shall reach its peak.

Despite this, the laws will assume ownership of only HEV engines. Whether the government can support citizens by law or impose taxes, know very soon.