Programs to boost your trading performance

Programs to boost your trading performance

Organize your work on the computer properly and double your chances to make more money on trading! The following programs are meant to help you trade smoothly and effectively!

What sabotages your trading?

Once you decide to make trading the main source of your income, your computer will be gradually stuffed with all possible accompanying software: trading platforms, applications, and terminals, and other additional programs a serious trader cannot go without. But there is one thing that doesn’t fit a trader’s computer: games. Games and entertainment content must be excluded from your working computer if you want to trade (say gain) seriously.

Anuko World Clock

If you want to have some fun after a stressful trading session, just obtain one more computer that will be used exactly for this purpose. Having a second computer/laptop does make sense when you know that trading terminals have a tendency to crash and Internet connection – to weaken when you least expect this.

Make it a rule that nobody in your household can use your trading computer except you. Your family, especially your children, is the main risk for your trading! Never let any of them approach to your workplace or use your computer. Remember, by eliminating the slightest risk, you increase your profits.
Nothing is more important than controlling your workplace and your computer. For everything to work as it should, each program must be in its place and must not bug.

Must-have programs for every trader

The following computer stuff will prompt your performance as a trader:

  • Anuko World Clock allows you to keep tabs on global time zones and, consequently, improve your personal performance.
  • MarketWatch is a website containing Stock Market News RSS Feed published by Dow Jones & Company. It helps you track the market behavior by providing the latest stock market, financial and business news, real-time quotes, and a lot of other essential functionality if you subscribe or add it to your browser bookmarks.
  • WinSnap is a small, yet powerful utility to create and edit high-quality screenshots. It is essential when you have conflicts with your broker and need some proofs.
  • UltraMon is a utility designed for the management of multiple monitors.

  • NetLimiter Pro is a firewall that can protect your computer. This program controls network traffic. It can monitor the activity of each application on your device, and effectively manages traffic, controlling the speed of data flow.
  • AnVir Task Manager is a robust process and startup programs manager with antiviral and antispyware features.


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