Demo аccount trading

Demo аccount trading

It is OK if you as a Forex newbie are afraid of depositing your hard-earned bucks to play in the financial markets. For all Forex newcomers, there is an opportunity to test trading skills without any risk. MetaTrader 5 is a groundbreaking platform, allowing everyone to work with two types of accounts: demo and real.

With a demo account, you can practice in executing deals in the live market conditions without depositing real money. At the same time, you have everything to sharpen your trading strategy, since a demo account has the same functionality as the real one – you will even receive trading signals via SMS in order not to miss an investing opportunity!

It is very easy to start trading on a demo account. To begin with, you need to download MetaTrader 5 on your computer or mobile device and choose a broker. Surely, you should stop at Capital Markets if you want to succeed, not lose. Then you should follow the system’s instructions and complete the registration with a platform. This is how your demo account trading started!

Many Forex beginners wonder whether it is possible to trade on a demo account and earn real cash. Of course! If you show brilliant trading on your demo account with minimal loses and errors, Capital Markets will immediately notice your success and gift you with a special bonus like doubling your deposits when you open your real account. Just prove to us, you are a smart Forex trader and we will invest in your success because we gain only when our clients gain!

Demo account trading makes your entering into the Forex world painless and stress-free, while psychologically preparing you for a big play. Never forget that institutional-grade Forex traders once were green beginners and had to study trading from scratch, little by little gaining experience and discovering the very basics of Forex trading. You have all chances to become their main rival if you try your skills with a demo account!