Apple Stock Price – Best Time to Buy?

2018 hasn’t been easy for any major company’s capitalization. Apple is the living proof to that statement. Their stock price took almost a rollercoaster ride in 2018. So maybe it’s time to invest, as some experts propose.

Sink Different

From October to December, Apple has seen a drastic stock price decline:

  • $232.07 – 03/10/18.
  • $146.83 – 12/24/18.

However on December 29 the share price made it to $156.39. In general the company’s share price showed descending dynamics and a number of tangible reasons are responsible for that:

  • iOS 12 updates were poorly designed, resulting in the devices going unusable.
  • Market is oversaturated with the leading product – iPhone.
  • Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri announcing in November that the number of units shipped won’t be disclosed anymore by the company. It resulted in Apple losing its 1-trillion-status for 30 minutes.
  • Samsung and Xiomi releasing their own “iPhone-killers”.
  • The company voicing the plans to move iPhone assembling to India.

Naturally, Apple’s graphics showed some alarming tendencies, unnerving the investors. However such a dramatic decline opened a  whole repertoire of new possibilities for more humble investors.

The Buy Time

The company valuation at the moment is perchance the cheapest in Apple’s recent history. And it’s very enticing, here’s why:

  • There might be over-supply of iPhone units right now. But the Apple’s client base is unlikely to shrink anytime soon, since iPhone is one of the most iconic products in history.
  • Apple has other promising products: iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook.
  • iTunes isn’t going anywhere with 800 million accounts.
  • Apple Music is gaining momentum as well: 50 million users.

Besides the company has known rise and drastic fall in the past. Although the genius of Steve Jobs isn’t around anymore, the cult status of iPhone won’t disappear. The odds are, the company will analyze the technical mistakes made this year, to present to the consumers later a newer iPhone model that will make people stand in lines once again.